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The English guide to diving in Japan

Dive in Japan is the comprehensive guide in English for diving in Japan, featuring detailed information on diving shops and destinations as well as unique insights into the Japanese diving scene. Operated by the Non Profit Organization "Japan Diving Experience" to promote overseas divers to visit Japan, Dive in Japan provides support and assistance with a dedicated DiveMaster available to arrange your Japanese diving experience. 

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Useful Articles for Diving in Japan

JAPAN AIRLINES ANNOUNCES "Diving Dynamic Package" to Japan

Jun 01, 2022

Japan Airlines(JAL) announced the launch of Luxury Diving Tours in Japan for visiting Divers.
The package are either "a Day trip" or a "1 night stay" at a recommended diving locations all around Japan.
1)You will be picked up and down by your english speaking guide, at the airport or at the hotel you are staying.
2)Your guide will also guide you underwater.(Your guide will either be a DiveMaster or an Instructor)
3)(For a 1 night stay Package) A local accommodation is included.

New article of Japan from Xray magazine Japan's Osezaki: Biodiversity Hot Spot of Tokyo

Feb 18, 2022

This was an article published by Xray Magazine February  2022(Issue 110)

As a divemaster in Japan, I have enjoyed diving all around the world, and I will admit that there are many places on earth I would love to revisit soon. But for today, I would like to introduce my home country, Japan, as your next possible dive destination.