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About Kyoto

Diving in Kyoto Prefecture might not be the first activity that comes to mind when visiting this historic and culturally rich region, but there are opportunities for underwater exploration for those interested in venturing beyond the city's traditional sites.

One option for diving enthusiasts is to take a day trip to the Kanmuri-jima Islands, located off the coast of the Echizen area. These islands offer a unique underwater experience, with dive sites featuring rocky formations, diverse marine life, and clear waters. Local diving shops organize excursions to these islands, providing equipment rental and guided dives for visitors looking to explore the underwater beauty of Kyoto Prefecture.

In addition to traditional diving experiences, Kyoto Prefecture also offers snorkeling tours for those interested in observing the region's unique wildlife. One particularly memorable experience is the opportunity to see the endemic and protected Japanese Giant Salamander in its natural habitat. These tours provide visitors with a chance to learn about the local ecosystem and conservation efforts while enjoying an unforgettable wildlife encounter.

While diving and snorkeling may not be the main attractions of Kyoto Prefecture, they offer a unique way to experience the region's natural beauty and diversity beyond its historic temples and traditional culture. Whether you're interested in exploring underwater landscapes or observing local wildlife, diving and snorkeling tours provide exciting opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts visiting Kyoto.

Local Areas

Kyoto Area Map

Areas in Kyoto


An 4km Island off the coast of Kyoto. Famous for it's large colony of Streaked Shearwater (Calonectris leucomelas), a nationally protected bird. For this reason, you are not permitted to land on this Island.
There are several diving points around this Island. If your lucky, you may encounter wild dolphins in these waters. The underwater terrain is dynamic with it's deep drop-offs. You can enjoy both Macro and wide diving here.

Kyoto-Kumogahata Kamogawa river

This area is a location for Kamogawa river snorkeling trip.

What you can see

(All year round)
Giant Salamander(Andrias japonicus)
Red spotted masu trout(Oncorhynchus masou ishikawae)

(During the Spring season)
Young sweetfish(Plecoglossus altivelis)

Shops in the area

Kyoto Diving School Blue Peter 京都 ダイビングスクール ブルーピーター

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