Japan AiRLINES ANNOUNCES "Diving Dynamic Package" to Japan for FY2023

Mar 16, 2023

https://www.jal.co.jp/ar/en/guide-to-japan/experiences/diving/index.html  (sample link for US, please go through your country page)

Japan Airlines(JAL) announced the launch of Luxury Diving Tours in Japan for visiting Divers for FY2023.
The package are either "a Day trip" or a "1 night stay" at a recommended diving locations all around Japan.
1)You will be picked up and down by your english speaking guide, at the airport or at the hotel you are staying.
2)Your guide will also guide you underwater.(Your guide will either be a DiveMaster or an Instructor)
3)(For a 1 night stay Package) A local accommodation is included.