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About Ishikawa

Diving in Ishikawa Prefecture offers a captivating opportunity to explore the unique underwater landscapes and marine life around Notojima Island. Situated on the Sea of Japan coast, Ishikawa Prefecture boasts a diverse array of diving spots, with Notojima Island standing out as a particularly popular destination for divers seeking underwater adventures.

Notojima Island, located off the coast of the Noto Peninsula, offers pristine waters teeming with unique and beautiful marine life. Divers can expect to encounter a variety of underwater ecosystems, including rocky reefs, vibrant coral formations, and expansive kelp forests. The island's strategic location along the Sea of Japan coast ensures a rich diversity of marine species, making each dive a memorable experience.

One of the highlights of diving around Notojima Island is the opportunity to witness the region's endemic marine life. From colorful fish to fascinating invertebrates, the underwater world of Ishikawa Prefecture is a treasure trove of biodiversity waiting to be explored.

While diving infrastructure in Ishikawa may not be as extensive as in other coastal regions, there are dive operators and facilities catering to divers of all levels. Whether you're a beginner eager to take your first dive or an experienced enthusiast seeking new underwater adventures, Notojima Island offers something for everyone.

With its proximity to Kanazawa and easy access from Tokyo via the bullet train or Komatsu Airport, diving in Ishikawa Prefecture is a convenient and rewarding experience for visitors looking to explore the natural beauty beneath the waves. So pack your gear, dive into the crystal-clear waters surrounding Notojima Island, and discover the hidden treasures of Ishikawa's underwater world.

Local Areas

Ishikawa Area Map

Areas in Ishikawa

Noto Island

Enjoy the beautiful underwater seaweed forest

The ocean around Noto is registered as World Agricultural Heritage.
It is a popular dive spot of the "Sea of Japan" by the underwater photographers of Japan.
Noto Island is a 70km saline Island located off the coast of Noto peninsula. The Island itself is connected by a bridge so there are no issues of getting to this Island form the mainland. Due to it's geographical location, the Noto peninsula acts as a shield against the harsh winter winds, making Noto Island a ideal diving location all year around.
The visibility is good and you may have chance to see wild dolphins during your visit.

What you can see

All year round:
-Variety of nudibranch
-Variety of Shrinps and Crabs
-Variety of Macro marine life
-Asian sheepshead wrasse(Semicossyphus reticulatus)
-striped beakfish (Oplegnathus fasciatus)
-pearl-spot chromis (Chromis notata)

If your lucky :
-Common Skate(Rajidae)

Average Water Temperatures