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Kushimoto's Hashigui Rocks

Kushimoto's Hashigui Rocks

Wild natural beauty above, and wild creatures below

Situated at the southern tip of the peninsula, Kushimoto is an area of scenic beauty both above and below the water. The jagged spikes of the Hashigui Rocks—the remains of Kobo Daishi's attempted bridge construction, which was thwarted by a demon—provide a spectacular ocean backdrop, especially around sunset.

This is also a prime scuba diving spot, with warm waters supporting a variety of sea life.

How to Get There

You can get to the Kushimoto area by train and by bus from the local station.

Kushimoto Station is situated on the JR Kii Honsen Line, around a three-hour ride from Shin-Osaka.

For visitors traveling into the area from Nagoya Station , take the three-hour JR Kii Honsen Line express train to Shingu Station followed by a 55-minute trip on the JR Hanwa Line.

Buses from Kushimoto Station will take you to the Hashigui Rocks, Kushimoto Marine Park and Cape Shiomi.

Kushimoto's Hashigui Rocks

Enjoy stunning views of the Pacific Ocean

Cape Shiomi also falls within Kushimoto's borders, and is known as the southernmost tip of Japan's main island of Honshu. Expansive views of the surging Pacific among bright green grass lawns can be found here, along with a long-standing bright white lighthouse.

Kushimoto's Lighthouse

Kushimoto Marine Park

The jagged landscape below the surface, however, is what brings visitors to the area during scuba diving season. The warm currents that flow into the area support vibrant colonies of table coral and over 300 kinds of sea creatures.

At Kushimoto Marine Park, you can learn more about the surrounding marine environment and go into the undersea observatory.

Kushimoto's Hashigui Rocks

Kushimoto's Hashigui Rocks