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Senjojiki (Wakayama)

Senjojiki (Wakayama)

Stroll out to sea on the smooth stones of Senjojiki's "one thousand tatami mats"

Over the millennia, waves of the Pacific Ocean have continually crashed into the Wakayama coastline, creating spectacular clusters of jagged rock formations. The surfaces, however, are completely smooth, allowing for an unusual coastal hike.


Quick Facts

-  The Senjojiki rock formations look like thousands of stacked tatami

-  In May the area hosts a sand sculpture festival

-  This bedrock beach was formed after an earthquake in 1792

A natural phenomenon and relaxing walk

Senjojiki, literally "one thousand tatami mats," is a vast rock plateau in the popular beach resort town of Shirahama  that reaches out into the Pacific Ocean. Its flat, multi-tiered formation means that visitors can wander out towards the sea.


Exploring further

A visit to Senjojiki is ideally combined with a short trip along the coast to see romantic Engetsuto Island and the Sandanbeki Caves—once a hideout for pirates. In May, keep an eye out for the Suna (sand) Festival. Inspired by Hokkaido's snow event, this festival features large sculptures created from sand and sea water.

How to Get There

The closest transport hub to Senjojiki is Shirahama Station.

Take the Kuroshio Limited Express from Shin-Osaka Station.

The Meiko Bus from Shirahama Station takes roughly 15 minutes to reach Senjo-guchi Stop.