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The English guide to diving in Japan

Dive in Japan is the comprehensive guide in English for diving in Japan, featuring detailed information on diving shops and destinations as well as unique insights into the Japanese diving scene. Operated by the Non Profit Organization "Japan Diving Experience" to promote overseas divers to visit Japan, Dive in Japan provides support and assistance with a dedicated DiveMaster available to arrange your Japanese diving experience. 

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Useful Articles for Diving in Japan

Japan Airlines released "Dive like the locals:Basic diving plan" for Tokyo Shark diving

Oct 19, 2023

Japan Airlines releases "Dive like the locals:Basic diving plan" for Tokyo Shark diving.
The plans offered are,
・Chiba Ito Japanese Hound Shark Diving
・Mikomoto Hammer Head Shark Diving

The optional plan price is the same as the local divers are offering to the local divers.

Choose the optional plan with 【Dive like the locals:Basic diving plan】title
URL: Choose the country you are from. Or Choose the US/Canada site and pay with USD.