World Tour Planners CO.,LTD 株式会社ワールドツアープランナーズ

We are one of the largest diving travel agencies in Japan, assisting divers to dive all around the globe for more than 24years. 

As a diving travel expert, we are all divers with extensive oversea experiences. 

Our staffs are now here to support overseas divers visiting Japan.  We will guide you to the great and exciting diving spots all around Japan.  From individual arrangements to group arrangements, our diving instructors will stand-by to do our best to cater for all your needs.

We can,
●arrange full transfer package from Airport to Airport.
●arrange all the diving in Japan.
●arrange all the accommodations in Japan.
●assist alternative diving site or an activity if the original diving site is closed ue to weather or any other unforeseen seasons.

Contact us and let us see what we can offer you.

*Japan Tourism Agency Commissioner Registerd Travel Business  No 1604


Booking & Pay Method

  • CashCredit Card
  • Direct Shop Booking

Booking Information

Booking is done directly with "World Tour Planners CO.,LTD".

Shop Details

  • Chiba-Hazama Underwater Park
    Shizuoka-Mikomoto Island
  • 81-3-5425-7711 (Japanese)
  • (English, Japanese)
  • PADI

Shop Rules

We offer personal transport from and to Airports, Hotels and diving locations. As a travel agency, we can arrange accomodations and other necessary travel arrangements during your stay in Japan.

【Note from NPO】
Diving in Japan, like other diving service around the globe, require you to fill out a "Medical form" before diving. Refusing to do this, you may not be allowed to dive due to safety precautions.
NPO Japan Diving Experience advises you to proactively fill out the form linked from below.
It is a Medical Statement provided by The World Recreational Scuba Training Council (WRSTC).

Link to RSTC Medical form

Diving Fee

Personal arrangement: Please inquire

Diving Information

All diving arrangement will be catered to youe needs. Please inquire directly.

Rental Fee

Personal arrangement: Please inquire

Rental Information

All diving arrangement will be catered to youe needs. Please inquire directly.

Direct Shop Booking