We are "DIVE FAMILY YELLOW" a diving service located at "Usami" which is said to be the east doorway to Japan largest diving area " The Izu peninsula".

People often asks us "Why Usami?""Why is Usami the doorway to the Peninsula?"
The answer is very simple. This location gives us an access to all of the Izu diving locations. It is the center of all diving areas.
Our home base is "Ito" on the east coast, and whenever the weather situation is not favorable, we can just choose the next best location on west coast on the day.

With this advantage, we can cater to all the needs of the international divers.

My name is Hidekazu Kawasaka. I will be your guide to this wonderful peninsula. I am a PADI instructor with 20years of experience. I dove the whole of Japan and also the world.
 My guide policies are
「Not rush」

I look forward to your visit.


Booking & Pay Method

  • Cash
  • Direct Shop Booking

Booking Information

Please book directly by email with the diving service. 

*Planning to imprement "Origami Pay" as payment method soon.


Shop Details

  • Shizuka-Ito
    Shizuoka-Mikomoto Island
  • 0557-48-8688 (Japanese)
  • (English)
  • PADI

Shop Rules


【Note from NPO】
Diving in Japan, like other diving service around the globe, require you to fill out a "Medical form" before diving. Refusing to do this, you may not be allowed to dive due to safety precautions.
NPO Japan Diving Experience advises you to proactively fill out the form linked from below.
It is a Medical Statement provided by The World Recreational Scuba Training Council (WRSTC).

Link to RSTC Medical form



Diving Fee

Boat Diving Points:Ito/Kawana/Yahatano/Akazawa/Arari/Ukijima/Kumomi/Atami/Usami
1Tank Boat Guide 13,000JPY(Include Guide fee/Weights)
2Tank Boat Guide 18,000JPY(Include Guide fee/Weights)
3Tank Boat Guide 26,000JPY(Include Guide fee/Weights)
Additional Tank 8,000JPY per Tank
(Note for boat dive)Please inquire about other places you might want to visit(Mikomoto/Toi)
Beach Diving Points:Ito/Kawana/Toi/IOP/Yahatano/Akazawa/Shishihama/Osezaki/Koganesaki/Ukishima/Usami
1Tank Beach Guide 10,000JPY(Include Guide fee/Weights)
2Tank Beach Guide 13,000JPY(Include Guide fee/Weights)
3Tank Beach Guide 18,000JPY(Include Guide fee/Weights)
Additional Tank 5,000JPY per Tank
(Note fro beach dive)Please inquire about other places you might want to visit(Toi)

Diving Information

*The price does not  include Tax
The diving fee may change without notice so please inquire NPO Japan Diving Experience for details.

●Cancellation policy:
 If the diving tour is cancelled by the diving service due to weather or airline flight reasons, the cancellation policy will not apply.
 If the diving booking is cancelled due to the guests private reasons, below cancellation policy will apply,
 -30Days to 8Days before your booked diving tour 20%
 -7Days to 3Days before your booked diving tour 30%
 -2Days before your booked diving tour 40%
 -1Day before your booked diving tour 50%
-On the day(or no contact) of your booked diving tour 100%                    
 (Important) Please contact the diving service directly for the 1day and on the day cancellation.

Rental Fee

Full rental 2,000yen
Regulator 1,000yen
BCD 1,000yen
Wet Suit 1,500yen
Dry Suit 2,500yen
Underwater light 1,000yen
Dive computer 2,000yen
Digital camera rental From 2,000yen

Rental Information

*The price does not include Tax.
The rental fee may change without notice so please inquire NPO Japan Diving Experience for details.          



6-1660 Usami, Ito-shi,Shizuoka prefecture

Access Information

By Car (Rental)
▽From Tokyo Area▽
● Tomei express 「Tokyo Interchange」→「Atsugi Interchange」→Odawara Atsugi Road「Atsugi」―「Hayakawa」→Route135 Hayakawa―Manazuru New Road →Route135 Yugawara―Atami Beach line―Shop
About 2.5 to 3 hours.

▽From Nagoya Area▽
● Take the Tomei Express and go off at 「Numazu Interchange」→IzuJyukando「Hakonan Tsukamoto Interchange」→Route135 to MIfuku Interchange and turn left→Route19 and over the Kameishi toge to Usami
About 1 hour form the 「Numazu Interchange」

By Train
▽From Tokyo Area▽
● Tokyo Station departure to catch the Ito boat at 09:00 (Pick up are Usami staton)
05:20 JR Tokyo Station 「JR Tokaido Honsen bound for Numazu」
07:08 JR Atami station
07:22 JR Atami station 「JR Ito line bound for Ito」
07:40 JR Usami Station arrival
※This is a model plan only. Schedule can be flexible so please inquire.

●Google map,139.08143429999995



Direct Shop Booking