Mikomoto Hammers 神子元ハンマーズ

About Mikomoto Hammers  
Mikomoto Hammers is a diving center, operating in the Mikomoto ocean since 2001,here in the Minamiizu area. Located at the southern tip of the Izu Peninsula, we mainly guide divers around Mikomoto Island, a small uninhabited island, 10 km southeast of Izu Peninsula.

Mikomoto Island is one of the best diving spots in the world. Because of the strong Kuroshio Current flowing close by, it creates both a dynamic topography as well as an abundance of marine life. It`s also your best chance to meet large sea creatures, like the school of hammerhead sharks that live around Mikomoto Island, tan experience most divers only dream about.This school of hammer head sharks, often spotted from early summer to the end of autumn. The size of the school is world class.

We are professional instructors, with experiences and knowledge about diving in this special area. Our crew has experiences diving in places such as the Maldives, Phuket, Palau and Okinawa.  

We have a guesthouse facility with a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere specifically designed for divers. So, if you are not able to arrive early on the day of diving, you can consider staying with us from the night before. We offer a courtesy shuttle bus from the Izukyu Shimoda Station, for customers arriving by train.

Our mission is to provide a safe and comfortable diving trip for our guests. You can be assured that our staff will do their best to help you have an unforgettable experience.

Booking & Pay Method

  • CashCredit Card
  • Direct Shop Booking

Booking Information

*For credit card payment, Visa card and Master card are only accepted.   

●Important Notice●
Please make sure to look through the below booking inforation before making your booking . There is a "Brief movie about Mikomoto Diving" on the shops website. Please check them out as well . After reading the informtion, you can book through the Shop's Reservation form.                          

1. The local union requires that divers must have experienced over 30 dives before diving near the Mikomoto Islands.
2. If you want to book by e-mail, please fill out the reservation form online, 3 days prior to the dive. If you want to book with us for the following day or the day after, please call us directly.
3. Upon receiving the form, we will contact you by email or phone within a few days. If you do not hear from us within a few days, please contact us again.
4. Please tell us if you haven`t been diving within the last year.
5. If you have any health problems,please get a written permission from your doctor before coming to Mikomoto.
6. If the weather conditions are not good for diving, we will contact you to arrange another tour to the Mikomoto Islands or we can arrange to dive at another spot.
7. If you want to cancel your reservation, please contact us as soon as possible. The cancellation policy is as follows:
8. On the day of the dive, the cancellation charge is 100%.
9. The day before the dive, the cancellation charge is 10,000jpy.
10. Two days before the dive, the cancellation charge is 5,000jpy.
11. There will be no cancellation charge for customers who cannot go to Mikomoto Island due to bad weather conditions.
12. For "three day weekend" holidays, we do not accept reservations for the second day of that holiday. For example, if the holiday is Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, you cannot book for Sunday only.
13. If you are ill or have any other health conditions, you must get a written permission from your doctor before diving at Mikomoto. It is necessary to bring that medical report with you to show us.
14. For day trips, if you are coming by car, please come to the shop before 8:00 a.m. If you are arriving by train, please arrive at Izukyu Shimoda Station at 8:50 a.m. We can pick you up there.
15. Our guesthouse is for divers only. If your friend or family member is not diving with us, they cannot stay at our guesthouse. But we can introduce you to another guesthouse nearby. The rooms in our guesthouse are shared with another guests of the same sex.
16. If our guesthouse is full, we can arrange for you to stay at another guesthouse that is nearby, at the same price. If this situation occurs, we will contact you before we arrange another guesthouse.

Shop Details

  • Shizuoka-Mikomoto Island
  • +81-558-62-4105 (English, Japanese)
  • info@mikomoto.com (English, Japanese)
  • PADI

Shop Rules

【Important Notice】
・The schedules may change due to number of guests, weather, and sea condition.
・There may not be a 3rd dive for reasons such as boat capacity and bad weather condition.
・We will assign you to a group on the day of your diving. This may be done on factors such as your diving skills, your booking date and other factors. Please understand that we may not be able to accommodate your requests.  There are up to six people in each diving group.  
・Because of the sea conditions and the style of diving, it is not possible to dive at Mikomoto Island without at least 30 certified dives. No exceptions.  
・The maximum diving time is 35 minutes which includes a safety stop.  
・The shop operates from April to December.
・Diving by yourself without a guide is not possible around Mikomoto Island.                                                                   
・If you haven`t been diving for over a years, please dive at another diving site first. Then after that dive, we would love for you to join us at Mikomoto Island.  
・There are no ropes to help you decend at Mikomoto, only drift diving is possible. 
・You are required to carry a diving emergency float with you. (Rental avaliable)
・You are required to carry a dive computer. (Rental avaliable)   


Diving Fee

Mikomoto 2dives 19,800jpy (with tax)
Mikomoto 3dives 27,500jpy (with tax)
【Accommodation Fee】
One night without meals 3,300jpy (with tax) /day
One night with breakfast 3,960jpy (with tax) /day

Diving Information

You can book through the Shop's Reservation form.

*The price includes Tax
*The diving fee may change without notice so please inquire directly.                   
*(Accomodation)Pick up from Izukyu shimoda station to our shop is free of charge.
*(Accomodation)The rooms are shared with another guests of the same sex.                                                                            

●Cancellation policy:
A cancellation fee will be charged if you cancel your reservation two days before your booking. However, if we cannot dive due to bad sea conditions, no charge will be incurred.

1. On the day of the booking, the cancellation fee will be 100% of the cost.
2. On the day before the dive, the cancellation fee will be 10,000jpy.
3. Two days before the dive, the cancellation fee will be 5,000jpy.

Rental Fee

Regulator 2,200jpy (with tax) /day
BCD 2,200jpy (without tax) /day
Wet suit 1,650jpy (with tax) /day
Dive computer 1,650jpy (with tax) /day
Float 1,100jpy (with tax) /day
Full set 9,350jpy (with tax) /day

Rental Information

※ Prices include tax.
The rental fee may change without notice so please inquire to the shop directly.



353-6 Minato,Minamiizumachi,Kamo,Shizuoka 415-0152, JAPAN

Access Information

By Car 
From "Izukyu-Shimoda Station"

Take the Route136 toward the Minami Izu direction for about 15 minutes by car. There is a "Mikomoto Hammers" signboard on your left.

From the Tokyo area
Take the Tomei Expressway. Please change to Odawara-Atsugi Expressway at Tomei Expressway Atsugi interchange and head to the Ishibashi Interchange. After betting off the interchange, go south taking Route135.
*Please use the  Manatsuru road and the Atami beach line when heading down south to arrive ealier.  

 By Train 
(local train) Please use the JR Tokaido Line and the Izukyu Line.
From the Tokyo district and the Nagoya district, please use the Tokaido Line to get to Atami station.
At Atami station or Ito station, change on to the Izukyu Line and get off at Izukyu Shimoda station.
*Please use the train arriving at Izuyu shimoda station by 08:50,  if you are diving on that day.

Time required from Tokyo is about 210 min

*To dive on the day of arrival, please make sure to arrive at our shop, before 08:15(If by Car) or if you arrive at Izuyu shimoda station by 08:50(If by Train).    
*If you come to Izukyu Shimoda Station on the 08:50 train on the day of your dive, we offer a free pick-up service from Izukyu Shimoda Station to our shop.
*We also offer a free pick up service starting from 16:00 until 22:59. if your diving next day and staying at our accomodation facility. (No pick up between 09:00  to 16:00)

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Direct Shop Booking