DiveNetworks ダイブネットワークス

Hello, we are “Dive Networks”.
Our shop is located in Numazu, near to Osezaki which is famous for diving in Japan. You can get there in about 3 hours from Tokyo.
We also provide pick-up bus from the Izu-Nagaoka Station. (Izu-Hakone Line).

You can experience diving as “for beginner”, “Technical diver”, and “CCR”. 
The instructor, Yuichi is the only one who can teach the course of “rEvo” in Japan! You can choose other brand of CCR, if you would like to.
We serve some courses of it, like "rEvo","Triton", "O2PtimaCM","Inspiration",“Megalodon”,"Horizon SCR" and more! 
You can get O2 or Helium for diving in addition.
We provide them proudly because this is pretty valuable especially in Japan.
Diving point is mainly Osezaki which has a pretty calm beach, and is rarely closed due to bad weather.
We are able to guide you in Osezaki upto 100 meters.

Also you might be able to get a chance to boat-diving around Numazu.
If you are interested in wakeboarding, or fishing, please contact us.


We are:


Booking & Pay Method

  • CashCredit Card
  • Direct Shop Booking

Booking Information

Japanese, English, espanol

Cancellation policy:
A cancellation fee will be charged if you cancel your reservation in 7 days before your booking. However, if we can not dive due to bad sea conditions, no charge will be incurred.
1. Two days (48 hrs) before the booking on the day, the cancellation fee will be charged 100% of the price. 
2. Three days (72 hrs) before the dive, the cancellation fee will be charged 80% of the price. 
3. One week (7 days) before the dive, the cancellation fee will be charged 50% of the price.
4. Two weeks before the dive, No cancellation charged.

The list price only for cash payment. (5% discount)
Credit card and PayPay available, but no cash discount applied.

Shop Details

  • Kanagawa-Ishibashi
  • 090-2442-0966 (English, Japanese)
  • info@divenetworks.com (English, Japanese)
  • PADI, SSI, Others

Shop Rules

Please inquire about staying at our Club house:
You can stay at an old Japanese style house.
There is a convenience store (Seven Eleven) 2 mins far by walking.
Also you can reach like grocery store, pharmacy, and 100 yen shop by car in 15 min.

Diving Fee

Recreational single cylinder dive (10L x2 Cylinders) #Side-mount style available 2 beach 17,300 jpy
Open circuit technical fun dive #Side mount Style available 1 beach (10L x2 Cylinders, O2 5.7L Decompression cylinder Reg included) 22,700 jpy
CCR Fun 1 beach (2L or 3L inboard Cylinders, O2 and Air with 5.7L Bailout cylinder Reg excluded) 22,700 jpy
Wake Board: 5,500 jpy / person #Minimum amount of running people is 2. #Rental board is included. The tour takes about 3 hours

Diving Information

※tax included

Cash (5% discount)
Credit card (no discount)
PayPay (no discount)

Rental Fee

Single-tank configuration complete set (wet suit) 6,500jpy (tax included) / a day
Single-tank configuration complete set (dry suit) 8,500jpy (tax included) / a day
Technical diving equipments ASK.


Direct Shop Booking