DIVE ESTIVANT ダイブ エスティバン

Operating in the Ocean of Kumejima since 1992. We have been diving and learning hard to understand the magic and the beauty of this wonderful place.  Our slogan is " All for this 1 dive". We will do our very best to show you the Ocean of Kume.         

Booking & Pay Method

  • CashCredit Card
  • Direct Shop Booking

Booking Information

Booking is done directly with "DIVE ESTIVANT".

Shop Details

  • Okinawa-Kumejima Island
  • 098-985-7150 (English, Japanese)
  • info@dive-estivant.com (English, Japanese)
  • PADI

Shop Rules

Health check and requirement:

If you have or had any medical issues stated below, we would require you to obtain a valid doctors certificate stating that diving activity is permitted. Without this certificate, we can not accept your diving request.        

1)Heart trouble
2)High/Low blood pressure
3)Angina pectoris
4)Diabetes mellitus
5)Cardiovascular and respiratory diseases
6)Bronchial asthma
7)Pulmonary tuberculosis
8)Spontaneous pneumothorax
10)Infectious disease
15)Dizziness disorder
16) Decompression sickness

【Note from NPO】
Diving in Japan, like other diving service around the globe, require you to fill out a "Medical form" before diving. Refusing to do this, you may not be allowed to dive due to safety precautions.
NPO Japan Diving Experience advises you to proactively fill out the form linked from below.
It is a Medical Statement provided by The World Recreational Scuba Training Council (WRSTC).

Link to RSTC Medical form



Diving Fee

3Tank Boat 19,000yen (Include Guide fee/Weights)
2Tank Boat 13,000yen (Include Guide fee/Weights)
1Tank Boat 8,000yen (Include Guide fee/Weights)
(Sunset Dive) 1Tank Boat 9,000yen (Include Guide fee/Weights)
(Night Dive) 1Tank Boat 9,000yen (Include Guide fee/Weights)
Digital Photo guide +2,000/per Dive
Private guide +2,000yen/per Dive

Diving Information

*The price does not include Tax.
The diving fee may change without notice so please inquire to the shop directly.
 *Will accept major Credit Cards

Rental Fee

Full rental (1st day) 5,000yen
Full rental (2nd day 〜) 3,500yen
Regulator 1,500yen
BCD 1,500yen
Wet Suit 1,500yen
Mask/Fin/snorkel 500yen(each)
Underwater light 2,000yen
Digital camera rental 2,000yen
Data CD 1,000yen

Rental Information

*The price does not include Tax.
The rental fee may change without notice so please inquire to the shop directly.  
 *Rental fee(Per day)
 *Will accept major Credit Cards



69-160 Higa, Kumejima-cho,Shimajiri-gun, Okinawa prefecture

Access Information

Free shuttle service to and from Kume Airport to the diving shop.

*Note: There may be times when the staff are all out in the sea. In this case, please use the public transport between the airport and the iife district.   BUS: 390yen   TAXI: about     2,500yen
* If you are staying at Cypress Resort Kumejima, please use the free hotel shuttle service.

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Direct Shop Booking